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Swiss Alps Ski Train | 21st Dec 2013 - 8th March 2014

Travelling by train to the Swiss Alps this coming winter has become a whole lot easier. Every Saturday from 21st December onwards, the new 'Swiss Alps Ski Train' will be connecting London and Ashford directly with the Valais in Switzerland.

With just a simple platform change in Lille from your Eurostar carriage to the high speed TGV-Lyria train, the Swiss Alps Ski Train is the most direct route to the Valais. All four stops (Aigle, Martigny, Visp, Brig) in Switzerland allow onward rail/postbus connections to the various ski resorts in the Valais region such as Zermatt, Saas Fee, Leukerbad, Leysin, Verbier, Champéry, Les Diablerets, Villars and Haute Nendaz - to name just a few.


Outbound Journey:                                    Onward Connections:

  dep     dep arr
London St. Pancras 06.57 h                    
Ashford 07.28 h        
Lille 09.26 h        
Aigle 14.58 h Les Diablerets 16.02 h 16.50 h
    Villars  15.55 h 16.30 h 
    Leysin 15.56 h 16.23 h
    Champéry 15.22 h 16.23 h
Martigny 15.22 h Verbier 16.47 h 17.40 h
    Haute-Nendaz  16.39 h 17.45 h
Visp 16.03 h Zermatt 16.10 h 17.13 h
    Saas-Fee 16.10 h 16.59 h
    Leukerbad 17.12 h 18.07 h
16.14 h        

Inbound Journey:                                       Inbound Connections:

  dep arr      dep
        Brig 12.51 h
Zermatt 11.13 h 12.23 h Visp 13.00 h
Saas-Fee 11.26 h 12.12 h    
Leukerbad 11.33 h 12.22 h      
Verbier 10.25 h 11.23 h Martigny 13.42 h
Haute-Nendaz 12.18 h 13.19 h    
Les Diablerets 12.48 h 13.38 h Aigle 14.03 h
Villars 12.55 h 13.30 h    
Leysin 12.58 h 13.32 h    
Champéry 11.36 h 12.36 h    
        Lille 19.04 h
        Ashford 20.38 h
        London St. Pancras 21.06 h


Swiss Alps Ski Train - Eurostar / TGV-Lyria

There are different tariff categories based on booking dates - each price shown is subject to availability. Please note that these are 'From' prices and therefore may vary. Prices and dates from London/Ashford.
Standard Class
Standard Premier Class
Tariff Category
Adult Child Tariff Category Adult
BY £179 £139 HI £309 £250
BI £199 £149 HH £359 £270
BH £235 £159 HG £399 £290

All tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable once confirmed and ticketed.
  • Standard Premier ticket includes catering on board
  • Add on ticket to your final destination available for other destinations
  • Tickets will be valid to Aigle, Martigny, Visp or Brig stations

Swiss Alps Connection Ticket

The Swiss Alps Ski Train connects with local trains and buses to the various resorts in the Valais Region. The special connection ticket - only valid in conjunction with the Swiss Alps Ski Train - offers a simple solution with an attractive price and is only available through STC Switzerland Travel Centre London.
Swiss Alps Connection Ticket 2nd class return
Adult (travelling from Visp-Zermatt return)
£21 (except to Zermatt)
£24 (Zermatt only)
Child (6 - 15 years) Free when travelling with a parent. Child not travelling with a parent pay 50% less on adult price

It is not possible to reserve seats on the connecting regional trains and buses. The connection ticket is not valid on privately owned cableways including the telecabine in Verbier, Funicular in Sierre and cableway and gondola lift in Brig. Children under 16 years travel free with a parent using a Family Card issued in conjunction with the Swiss Alps Connection Ticket. Infants under 6 are free of charge.