Rail Tours Switzerland

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From £585

Classic Glacier Express

Travel on the famous Glacier Express - one of Switzerland's best scenic train rides across the Alps.

5 days / unescorted
From £565

Classic Bernina Express

Experience the breathtaking Bernina Express route which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2010 and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

5 days / unescorted
From £585

Classic Wilhelm Tell Express

This rail holiday to Switzerland links two of Switzerland's most attractive regions: Central Switzerland and Ticino. Enjoy Panoramic trains and paddle steamers.

5 days / unescorted
From £629

The Famous Three

This rail holiday combines three famous scenic rail journeys in one short holiday - the Bernina, Glacier and Wilhelm Tell Express.

5 days / unescorted
From £535

Classic Golden Pass Panoramic

Combine three of Switzerland's most attractive regions in one exciting rail holiday.

6 days / unescorted
From £595

Best of Switzerland

If you only have a few days to discover the beauty of the Swiss Mountains, then this unguided tour is ideal for you.

5 days / unescorted
From £835

Panoramic Round Trip

This sensational panoramic trip takes you along some of Switzerland’s most scenic routes, experiencing all that the country has to offer. Includes Glacier Express.

8 days / unescorted
From £415

A Taste of Glacier Express

Travel on the famous Glacier Express, one of Switzerland's best scenic train rides across the Alps with this 3-day tour.

3 days / unescorted
From £409

A Taste of Bernina Express

This 3-day holiday will let you experience the full length of the Bernina Express.

3 days / unescorted
From £648

Famous Mountain Peaks

A fantastic journey to two of the most famous resorts in Switzerland: Interlaken and Zermatt. 

5 days / unescorted
From £378

A Taste of Golden Pass Panoramic

Combine Central Switzerland and Lake Geneva Region in one exciting 3-days rail holiday on the Golden Pass Panoramic.

3 days / unescorted
From £424

A Taste of Wilhelm Tell Express

The Wilhelm Tell Express is an enjoyable combination of a wonderful boat cruise and a scenic train ride to link Central Switzerland and sunny Ticino.

3 days / unescorted
From £869

Swiss Mountain Railways

Explore a world of glaciers, passes and peaks on the incredible Swiss mountain rail network.

8 days / unescorted
From £589

A Taste of Mountains

This rail holiday encompasses some of Switzerland's most impressive cable car rides (Mount Titlis, Schilthorn & Matterhorn Glacier Paradise) taking you to dizzying heights of over 12,000 feet.

4 days / unescorted
From £568

Glacier & Bernina Express Combined

Pick your favourite Scenic Rail journey from the two most popular in Switzerland! Combine the Glacier and Bernina Express in the ultimate taster package...
From £859

Scenic Rail Adventure

Discover the diverse regions and cultures of Switzerland on this 8-day tour. Includes journey on the Glacier Express.

8 days / unescorted
From £922

Golden Journey through Switzerland

Discover the very best of Switzerland on this 8-day tour through some spectacular mountains and past sparkling blue lakes.

8 days / unescorted
From £905

The Heart of Switzerland

With this 8-day tour, you have the opportunity to get very close to Switzerland's famous mountains and even stay overnight off the beaten track on the Grimsel Pass. Glacier Express included.

8 days / unescorted

From £638

On Top of the World

This is a ’whirlwind’ tour of Switzerland giving you the opportunity to discover as much as you can on a short trip to this diverse country.

5 days / unescorted
From £862

Switzerland Extravaganza

This exciting rail tour to Switzerland takes in the entire length of the Golden Pass as well as the Centovalli Railway and Bernina Express.

8 days / unescorted
From £435

Taster Mix & Match Itineraries

Our taster packages are the ideal way to enjoy a brief glimpse of Switzerland, especially if your time is limited. 3 options: Lake Lucerne & Lago Maggiore | Zürich and the Golden Pass | Lucerne and the Mountains.

4 days / unescorted
from £652

Classic Mix & Match Itineraries

A visit to Switzerland would not be complete without travelling on one of the iconic trains across the Alps. 3 options: Interlaken, the Jungfraujoch and Lucerne, Lucerne to Locarno or Lucerne to Lausanne.

6 days / unescorted
From £840

Scenic Mix & Match Itineraries

Stay a little longer to really learn what Switzerland is about. The Scenic Rail Journeys are longer offering comprehensive itineraries exploring all corners of the country.

7-10 days / unescorted
From £788

Scenic Rail Journeys Mix & Match

Three scenic rail holidays 'from glaciers to palm trees', 'scenic fun' or 'simply the best'.

7-10 days / unescorted