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From £585

Classic Glacier Express

Travel on the famous Glacier Express - one of Switzerland's best scenic train rides across the Alps.
FREE 1st class upgrade - May, Sep & Oct 2014

5 days / unescorted
From £565

Classic Bernina Express

Experience the breathtaking Bernina Express route which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2010 and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage.
FREE upgrade to 1st class - May , Sep & Oct 2014

5 days / unescorted
From £585

Classic Wilhelm Tell Express

This rail holiday to Switzerland links two of Switzerland's most attractive regions: Central Switzerland and Ticino. Enjoy Panoramic trains and paddle steamers.

5 days / unescorted
From £629

The Famous Three

This rail holiday combines three famous scenic rail journeys in one short holiday - the Bernina, Glacier and Wilhelm Tell Express.
FREE upgrade to 1st class - May, Sep & Oct 2014

5 days / unescorted
From £535

Classic Golden Pass Panoramic

Combine three of Switzerland's most attractive regions in one exciting rail holiday.
FREE upgrade to 1st class - May, Sep & Oct 2014

6 days / unescorted
From £595

Best of Switzerland

If you only have a few days to discover the beauty of the Swiss Mountains, then this unguided tour is ideal for you.
FREE upgrade to 1st class - May, Sep & Oct 2014

5 days / unescorted
From £835

Panoramic Round Trip

This sensational panoramic trip takes you along some of Switzerland’s most scenic routes, experiencing all that the country has to offer. Includes Glacier Express.
FREE upgrade to 1st class - May, Sep or Oct 2014 
8 days / unescorted
From £415

A Taste of Glacier Express

Travel on the famous Glacier Express, one of Switzerland's best scenic train rides across the Alps with this 3-day tour.

3 days / unescorted
From £409

A Taste of Bernina Express

This 3-day holiday will let you experience the full length of the Bernina Express.

3 days / unescorted
From £648

Famous Mountain Peaks

A fantastic journey to two of the most famous resorts in Switzerland: Interlaken and Zermatt. 

5 days / unescorted
From £378

A Taste of Golden Pass Panoramic

Combine Central Switzerland and Lake Geneva Region in one exciting 3-days rail holiday on the Golden Pass Panoramic.

3 days / unescorted
From £424

A Taste of Wilhelm Tell Express

The Wilhelm Tell Express is an enjoyable combination of a wonderful boat cruise and a scenic train ride to link Central Switzerland and sunny Ticino.

3 days / unescorted
From £589

A Taste of Mountains

This rail holiday encompasses some of Switzerland's most impressive cable car rides (Mount Titlis, Schilthorn & Matterhorn Glacier Paradise) taking you to dizzying heights of over 12,000 feet.

4 days / unescorted
From £869

Swiss Mountain Railways

Explore a world of glaciers, passes and peaks on the incredible Swiss mountain rail network.

8 days / unescorted
From £568

Glacier & Bernina Express Combined

Pick your favourite Scenic Rail journey from the two most popular in Switzerland! Combine the Glacier and Bernina Express in the ultimate taster package...
From £859

Scenic Rail Adventure

Discover the diverse regions and cultures of Switzerland on this 8-day tour. Includes journey on the Glacier Express.

8 days / unescorted
From £922

Golden Journey through Switzerland

Discover the very best of Switzerland on this 8-day tour through some spectacular mountains and past sparkling blue lakes.

8 days / unescorted
From £905

The Heart of Switzerland

With this 8-day tour, you have the opportunity to get very close to Switzerland's famous mountains and even stay overnight off the beaten track on the Grimsel Pass. Glacier Express included.

8 days / unescorted

From £638

On Top of the World

This is a ’whirlwind’ tour of Switzerland giving you the opportunity to discover as much as you can on a short trip to this diverse country.

5 days / unescorted
From £862

Switzerland Extravaganza

This exciting rail tour to Switzerland takes in the entire length of the Golden Pass as well as the Centovalli Railway and Bernina Express.

8 days / unescorted
From £435

Taster Mix & Match Itineraries

Our taster packages are the ideal way to enjoy a brief glimpse of Switzerland, especially if your time is limited. 3 options: Lake Lucerne & Lago Maggiore | Zürich and the Golden Pass | Lucerne and the Mountains.

4 days / unescorted
from £652

Classic Mix & Match Itineraries

A visit to Switzerland would not be complete without travelling on one of the iconic trains across the Alps. 3 options: Interlaken, the Jungfraujoch and Lucerne, Lucerne to Locarno or Lucerne to Lausanne.

6 days / unescorted
From £840

Scenic Mix & Match Itineraries

Stay a little longer to really learn what Switzerland is about. The Scenic Rail Journeys are longer offering comprehensive itineraries exploring all corners of the country.

7-10 days / unescorted
From £788

Scenic Rail Journeys Mix & Match

Three scenic rail holidays 'from glaciers to palm trees', 'scenic fun' or 'simply the best'.

7-10 days / unescorted

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